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International ecosystem of Antwerp as the ideal operating base

Being at the centre of Western Europe, Belgium offers an excellent environment for European business affairs. Meanwhile, its city of Antwerp contains the second-largest European port, making the city the ideal ground of operations for international organisations with ambition. According to Steven De Haes, Dean of Antwerp Management School, his school can both benefit from and contribute to Antwerp’s strong economic position.


Dean Steven De Haes of Antwerp Management School (AMS) elaborated on the interaction of his school with Antwerp’s thriving economic hub in an article in the international business magazine Business Impact. “AMS maximizes the benefits of our location. Thanks to solid engagement in international trade and business, Belgium and its port city of Antwerp have a long history at the forefront of global business affairs. We have direct access to major economic decision-making powers, with the European Union and NATO headquarters in Brussels. Moreover, Antwerp is one of the major European logistics hubs. All this fuels the interest in management studies: with over 26.000 alumni, our 60-year-old school delivers highly skilled people into the international business community.“

“Our school is serving the international business community by leveraging the unique ecosystem in the greater Antwerp area”

Steven De Haes, Dean Antwerp Management School


Contemporary education

Antwerp Management School is one of three European business schools that are ranked as ‘transforming schools’, according to the new Positive Impact Rating (PIR). Today’s young professionals also want to make a difference in society, a mindset used by the PIR as a criterion. “We have an excellent relationship with the city, but also with non-profits such as hospital networks and cultural institutions. Like this, AMS keeps focusing on responsible management to offer a sustainable education that develops the best empathic leaders for the world.”

“Many international companies use Belgium as a springboard to the European market”

Steven De Haes, Dean Antwerp Management School


Maximizing the benefit

In addition to high-quality education, the port city of Antwerp has that advantage of being a major European hub for transport and logistics. This makes the port city a breeding ground for both highly talented local businesspeople and international companies with expansion ambitions. Like this, Antwerp provides a unique opportunity for startups and scale-ups to tap into Europe’s most exciting international ecosystem.

As a result, Antwerp saw its number of startups and scale-ups double over the past six years, as it grew by 123% compared to the previous period. More than ever, the port city of Antwerp is thriving because of its skills and knowledge and therefore extends its status as steppingstone to the European business market. Learn more about the exciting assets of this flourishing city in this article.

Ambitious and eager to develop your business activities? Read all about Antwerp’s extensive urban services regarding digital innovation.

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