International Network

SCALE is an organisation with European core but global outlook. Each city is represented by one or several leads. The organisation has work groups focusing on specific issues defined by the members during SCALE meetings.

The foundation is delegating the strategy to the SCALE Executive Team. The Executive team is managed by a Chair who steers the portfolio teams, directs the Chapter leads, and manages the daily operations. SCALE Executive Team provides the following the portfolio services:

1. Platform team – running website, creating and publishing content, updating StartupCity (best practices) handbook

2. SCALE.TOOL team – developing SCALE.TOOL framework, implementing self-assessment tool, performing assessment support, metrics support

3. Event organisation – Organising annual flagship event, study trips and coordinating smaller SCALE events during international tech events, organizing Peer workshops and coordinating webinars.

Our Members

SCALE is a global, open network. Our member cities have the following characteristics:

  1. Cities must have various elements of a startup ecosystem — meaning university/higher education, VCs, digital infrastructure, tech startups, incubators, corporates.
  2. The representatives of the participating cities must be experts (on a certain topic) and/or work on the startup related topics. Ideally, a city has already an overarching program to strengthen the startup ecosystem. But in most situations SCALE.CITIES members are represented by civil servants from economic development departments, city investment agencies, Mayor’s offices or city marketing departments.
  3. Cities are expected to actively participate in the activities of SCALE.CITIES. This includes contributing (pro-) actively by sharing insights and networks and attending SCALE meetings. It is allowed to have more city representatives who, in their daily work are active in the ‘StartupCity topics’, play a role in SCALE.CITIES.
  4. Cities should be larger than 100K inhabitants