From us to you: A United Europe for our Tech Communities

Vibrant startup and innovation communities are of paramount importance for the prosperity of cities across Europe. That’s why cities keep fighting to place startups at the core of their strategies. This is not only to have vibrant local ecosystems, but also to develop a stronger and more competitive European ecosystem.

Considering the current pandemic, progress made these past years by private and public investments towards Europe’s entrepreneurship ecosystems are now endangered.

Looking to the future

Although startups are known for their flexibility, agility and adaptability, thousands of growing tech companies across Europe are now facing challenges; challenges in retaining their progress, in accessing funding and in continuing to develop and deliver a value proposition. Many feel that a future of uncertainty which is impossible to prepare for lies ahead.

We at SCALE believe the future is not so bleak. Startups in fact, fuel economies for economic recovery and competitiveness. Thus, we recognise the need to support tech-based innovative companies so they can continue creating value from knowledge and technology. Delivering value propositions not only generates richness, economic impact and create qualified jobs; it is also the force needed to develop a more efficient and sustainable future for all.

Together We Are Stronger

Even though these are challenging times, now is the time more than ever for European solidarity. There are new opportunities arising and cities want to support and foster the creation of value over these opportunities. We can only benefit from working together in order to emerge from this crisis with a stronger European tech ecosystem.

The SCALE network cities are working to:


  • Measure and learn the impact of the crisis on the community to better design and implement measures supporting the startup ecosystem. Cities themselves need information to make informed strategic decisions;
  • Support national, regional and local governments in the development and implementation of measures that will help startups and SMEs survive the period of uncertainty;
  • Support the development of products and services, using startup technologies, that are tackling COVID-19 related challenges;
  • Promote startup products and services developed in the context of the crisis, and also connecting the startups to relevant players able to help them;
  • Funding or reducing costs for startups and specific projects;
  • Defending funding to have entrepreneurship units keep running;
  • Provide information and support to startups that will help them better navigate through existing support measures;
  • Working together to share knowledge, trying to predict what’s to come and prepare to recover and foster the ecosystem as fast as possible.

Are you an ecosystem builder or an entrepreneur yourself? Please reach out to SCALE if you have input on what more should be done to support local ecosystems at the European level.

In the meantime, we wish all our readers strength, support and health at this challenging time.

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