Cologne as a business location is characterised by an amazingly diverse mix of industries. Trade, industry, services, logistics, media and digitalisation startups – all companies active in these sectors profit from the competition of ideas and the associated networking. The great emotional link that connects all industries and forms the very special bond that the people working here have with this city. It’s knowing you can celebrate anything here in Cologne, announcing a goal, a vision – you don’t have to wait until the project has become a reality.

Michael Hüther, Director and Member of the Presidium of the Institute of the German Economy

Cologne is the ideal business location for innovative companies because the metropolis on the Rhine, with a long tradition as a centre for creativity and innovation in the middle of one of Europe’s strongest economic regions in terms of turnover, offers the best opportunities for regional and national networking – in an environment that is tolerant, multicultural, cosmopolitan and truly worth living in.

Henriette Reker, Mayor

Its lightness, cosmopolitanism and quality of life: those are what make Cologne so liveable and lovable, both as a place for living and a place for doing business. I don’t know of a single case where the hiring of new employees would have failed because the applicant and their family did not want to go to Cologne – on the contrary.

Werner Görg, President of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Ecosystem Highlights
  • +550 Startups and Scaleups

  • 745k men & women work in Cologne

  • 3510 Startup Jobs

  • 22k Startups Employees

  • 145 Investors

  • +18 Universities (with +100k students)

  • +18 Research Centers

  • +50 Coworking and Business Center

  • +15 Accelerators and Incubators

  • 9 startups valued over €50M+

It is known as the city on the Rhine. Cologne amazes with its natural beauty and outstands with a remarkable quality of life. For startups and entrepreneurs, it’s a straight path to success. With a central location – right in the heart of Europe -, great connections and infrastructure – both digital and non digital -, the city thrives to support your business. In Cologne, you will find Massive B2B & B2C opportunities in a friendly ecosystem (helping each other and open to others) and a hotspot for strong verticals, such as Insuretch, Digital Health, Games and much more. By landing on this trade fair city, you can be sure to achieve – cement – sky high talent.


Gil Baxpehler

Koeln Business
Land & Start
Access to capital
Advice about Capital Major VC’s in the region
  • With our interactive investor matching tool, you can find your best shots to grow your business. Take courage and use it!

Know all of Cologne’s active VC’s through this link.

  • Who are the city’s most successful local founders? You can get to know them on this list.
Access to talent

Germany’s dual education system, as well as the continued education opportunities the country provides, help explain the huge talent you can find there. Get access to all the best human resources you need through the following links: Startup jobs; Startup job list.


Cologne boasts 18+ universities and colleges. The University of Cologne, in particular has been a German University of Excellence since 2012. Check out the list of the city’s universities – that offer both technical or business programs.

Tech Ecosystem

Since 2020, more than 30 startups and scaleups have joined Cologne. They’re all here and they keep coming!



Diversity and Inclusion

“Establishing means diversity”. This was the motto of last year’s startup week, a five day online event that revolved around female entrepreneurship. Since then, Cologne keeps advocating even more founders in the tech scene. Building the #FemupStartups initiative is one of the biggest next steps.

Cologne in the Media
5G in Cologne: funding for companies

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is funding 24 5G projects, six of which with Cologne participation. Know about the pioneering work the city is doing regarding this subject.

Funding programs for startups in Cologne: the 5 most important

There are five important programs that the Startercenter of ‘KölnBusiness’ promotes for startups. If you still don’t know them, click here.

Looking for commercial space? KölnBusiness can help

Whether you’re expanding or relocating your business, The business service of ‘KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderung’ can help you through the process. More details here.


Arriving in Cologne is stepping foot on 2000 years of history. More than 1M people of more than 180 nationalities live in the city, the 4th biggest in Germany. Feel welcomed as well to this modern metropolis on the Rhime and delight yourself with cultural treasures, from museums to romanesque churches. And eat all you feel like in the city’s more than 3000 cafes and restaurants. Here you can explore in detail why you’ll enjoy the city so much.

City Map

With your business set in Cologne, you can be sure to learn with the best. That’s precisely the opportunity you have at the Web de Cologne activity. Meet leading minds from different industries and make the best of this networking event. Making new connections is also meaningful in the PIRATE Summit, Europe’s largest application-only conference. For early stage startups, it’s an unique and authentic opportunity; an opportunity that takes place in Cologne as well.






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