It wasn’t until I got here that I saw how much interaction there is between the universities and industry, which changes everything. Coming from a scientific background, I would definitely recommend Hamburg to those with new ideas for products or technologies.

CEO of Lignopure, Joana Gil Chavez

The different stakeholders from academia, industry, the government and start-ups really work together. That is why it was easy for us to come here and create a network: we weren’t seen as invaders that wanted to take away the startups; rather, we were seen as an important piece of the entire ecosystem, bringing fresh blood and the venture capital spirit of Silicon Valley.

Ventures director at Plug and Play Hamburg, Livia Toth

I was surprised by how international Hamburg is: there are so many people from different countries and traditions. This is a favourable situation for me, because I am a woman entrepreneur, who is not from Europe – I am from Asia. On top of this, the people are ready to use new technologies and try new things, which is really important when you consider a start-up: innovation, creativity, ideas.

CEO of Foviatech, Sowmya Thyagarajan
Ecosystem Highlights
  • 1544 startups (January 2022)

  • 1036 investors ranging from Angel, VC to Corporate

  • + 5M residents in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

  • 26,583€ per capita of purchasing power worldwide

  • 36 state and private universities in the Metropolitan Region

  • 119k students enrolled

  • 10% of these are international students

  • Hamburg is among the Top20 of the liveability ranking

  • Hamburg is a hotspot for opinion leaders in advertising and online marketing

  • +60 coworking spaces are provided in Hamburg

Whether you’re just starting your business or bringing it to Hamburg, you will feel at home. Here is the place where great ideas are born and where the biggest opportunities are created. Why? Due to the robust, modern, diversified economic structure and to the attractive location of the city: more than being home to an extensive port, Hamburg is one of the biggest trade centers in Northern Germany. Concerning Human Capital, Lifestyle, Economic Potential, and, most importantly, Business Friendliness, Hamburg also tops the scoreboards. Add this to the strong collaboration between industry and science and you will have all the assets to succeed from the very early stage. Get started in Hamburg.

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Startup Unit

Hamburg Invest
Land & Start
Access to capital

Below, you can find a list of the major funding programmes in Hamburg, from Loans, to Grants or to Investments.

Advice about Capital Major VC’s in the country
To access both public and private funding opportunities, Hamburg can help you as well. Check the following list for advice and support.

Access to talent

There are many platforms that can help you find suitable talent. Young Jobs Hamburg; Job Search Hamburg; Bundesagentur für Arbeit (also in English); Make it in Germany; Finding suitable staff; The European Job Mobility Portal.


As a centre of learning, Hamburg is home to 19 state universities and private universities as well as numerous additional higher education institutions in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Approx. 112,000 students are enrolled at Hamburg’s universities, of which 10,700 are international students – a trend that continues to rise. The city also has a wide offer of education programmes and degrees – many of which are taught in English. Get to know everything regarding Education in the city through the following links: Study in Hamburg; Study at Private Institutions; Study at Public Institutions.

Tech Ecosystem

Want to get a better sense of Hamburg’s tech ecosystem? This startup database is the right source for you. Check who are the newest companies in the city.



Diversity and Inclusion

Hamburg strives for equality. Both in business and in everyday life, the city is safe for everyone and promotes inclusion through a variety of programmes that target different groups. Some examples can be found below. LGBTQI; Equality and Gender Diversity; Women Entrepreneurship. Regarding Women Entrepreneurship, you can also find a list of female founders that you can access to get advice and grow your business idea.


Five million people live in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and, each day, around 260 move to the city. You could say that it’s because who lives here is very happy, according to a study. But it’s much more than that. There’s always something going on in Hamburg: festivals, concerts, street shows and fairs, sports, exhibitions, day and night trips, and more. Life is, indeed, joyful in the city, especially if you add up the high purchasing power of its inhabitants. To live and to work, Hamburg is a must.

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Hamburg is a city of innovation by excellence. It’s where the future happens, but also where the best ideas are rewarded. We’re talking about the Future Hamburg Award, aimed at all startups with innovative solutions. It is also the project with which you find the right people to take your business forward. Another community initiative is in the FinTech Hamburg programme. To anyone interested in the city as a hub for digital finance technology, it is the right solution. FinTech Hamburg promises to strengthen the city’s innovative potential regarding financial economies and to boost networking opportunities. But remember: there’s much more than FinTech in the city. For all startups, Hamburg is a growth seed and a never-ending supportive startup ecosystem.

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