“Stockholm prides itself on its openness, innovation, creativity, and a willingness to be early adopters and lead change. If ever there was a time to get ahead of a trend it’s right now. That’s why we have set ourselves the goal of becoming a global impact capital. And thanks to an impact-first mindset innate to the city’s startup ecosystem, I’m confident that we’re well-positioned to reach that goal.

Anna König Jerlmyr, Mayor of Stockholm

“Stockholm has a truly unique fintech ecosystem. We have access to some of the best talent and capital from some of the leading firms globally and we can combine this with a high quality of life that allows young families to thrive even if they work for fast-growing technology startups.

Frank Schuil, CEO of crypto currency innovator Safello

Expertise in the universities combined with the excellent business environment creates opportunities for people to work, learn and move around within the industry, promoting best practice in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Janet Hoogstraate, Chair of the Management Board, Sweden, for the pharmaceutical company Valneva
Ecosystem Highlights
  • $2.7 bn capital invested in 2020, positioned in the top 3 of Europe’s largest tech hubs

  • $46 bn ecosystem value

  • $1 bn total early stage funding

  • $640 k median seed round

  • $1.7 m median series A round

Stockholm has set itself the goal of becoming a global impact capital, actively working to boost companies committed to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. “Purpose is what drives people these days, not only the salary or the bonus. You want to create something good and leave things better than when you started,” Stockholm’s mayor said in a recent interview.

Creativity and innovation have traditionally flourished in a city noted for its transparency, high levels of trust, freedom and flat hierarchies. A few years ago, international media coined the phrase “unicorn factory” to describe a city that was home to more billion-dollar startups than anywhere outside of Silicon Valley. This trend has continued, but we are also increasingly seeing that founders and international talent are drawn to ventures that serve a higher purpose.

Stockholm is acutely aware that the issues we face are global. By working together and pooling our resources, the Scale Cities can make a real and lasting impact.


Ariane Pousette

Project Manager Start-ups @ Invest Stockholm
Land & Start
Access to capital

If you think the time for you to raise money for your startup has arrived, check this list. There, you can find the biggest investors and organisations to help you get more money and even give you access to capital (the three following topics and condensed here).

Access to talent

A great number for investors who are looking to build their dream team: In Stockholm almost 20% of the city’s workforce has tech-related jobs. Thus, finding talent won’t be a hard task. Here you can find some companies and platforms that will help you get access to the candidates for your business.


Stockholm is also top-ranked in Europe in what it comes to Education. Get to know the cities universities and educational programmes here.

Tech Ecosystem



Diversity and Inclusion

Attracting and keeping more talent. Being more creative and profitable. These are some advantages of ‘recruiting with greater diversity’. And that is what you can find in Stockholm: a diverse representation. See what the city is doing regarding this topic. You should also look into the ‘Scaleup Program’, targeted at female entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. And know this: Stockholm is the city where women thrive.

Stockholm in the Media
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Stockholm strengthen itself as Europe’s 3rd biggest fintech hub

The 2021 edition of the yearly Stockholm Fintech Guide showcases a flourishing market, with a growing presence of green fintechs. Read more about it here.

A “city of balance” and a “culture of collaboration” Stockholm from the mayor’s perspective

Anna König Jerlmyr sees in Stockholm a special city to find a meaningful and positive future, both in terms of work and in terms of living. Read about the mayor’s vision in this article.

What Stockholm can teach the world about green urban development

Mayor Anna König Jerlmyr shares her thoughts on the city’s integrated approach for green urban development, for World Economic Forum.


In Stockholm, you will never get bored. The city invites you to explore museums, castles and many other attractions. The natural landscape that surrounds you, especially with the lush green parks, also promise to astonish you. Delight yourself with the clean air and the warm houses of the city and know that living and working in Stockholm is a shot worth taking. Know everything about what to do and see here.

City Map


All year long, Stockholm buzzes with opportunities (REMOVE current 404 link). From conferences to festivals or to networking meetups, the local tech scene is enriched by so many different events. Get in touch and we will help you get connected!

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