How we work

Through joining SCALE.CITIES, a city becomes part of a global ecosystem of front-running cities; learns from ecosystem building experts from other cities; gets access to a growing number of cases and experiences of other cities about the above- mentioned topics; and showcases the city’s activities to a global network.

Through SCALE.CITIES, cities are introduced to solutions for diverse topics and challenges that play important roles in every Startup City. These include:

  • Deploying strategies to grow a local ecosystem;
  • Government as launching customer;
  • Female Entrepreneurship;
  • Connecting Ecosystems globally;
  • Activating Corporates for your Ecosystem;
  • Attracting (foreign) tech and entrepreneurial talent;
  • Educating, re-educating and up-skilling tech talent
  • Consequences of and commitment to new emerging technologies (AI, Blockchain e.g.)
  • Establish Inclusive Growth;
  • Developing Innovation Districts.
  • Support start- and scale-ups scaling internationally
  • How to activate more startups in your local ecosystem

Project portfolio

Self-assessment tool to benchmark your city, and receive suggested best practices. How do you stand as an ecosystem? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Where can you as a government play a role and how? How can you learn from other cities in this? These questions are central to the self-assessment tool, which is explicitly not a ranking of cities but a tool to strengthen the local ecosystem.