5 Questions Answered by the Female Force Behind SCALE

Women are not a minority. If women’s participation in the workforce equalled men, they could add as much as $28 trillion or 26% to annual global GDP in 2025. Simply put, we need more women in entrepreneurship for a stronger, more successful ecosystem. Another International Women’s Day, celebrating female empowerment has come and passed but promoting inclusivity and supporting female entrepreneurship shouldn’t be just once a year. That’s why, we thought it was exactly the right time to introduce the female powerhouse currently behind the SCALE network, Kriya Mehta.

But first, who is Kriya? A Believer.

Kriya oversees the SCALE network on behalf of StartupAmsterdam. She believes passionately that our European ecosystem needs to be closely connected in order to allow startups to scale internationally across our continent. Is that possible? Kriya certainly believes it. She is the driving force behind SCALE, determined to make it the conduit for collaboration between neighbouring cities leading to the strengthening of the European ecosystem as a whole.

From conviction, to a reality.

For Kriya, making SCALE a reality has been built on the mantra ‘Actions speak louder than words!’. That, of course mixed with a seriously large dose of perseverance. For the last two years, she has been determined to position Amsterdam and 15 other European cities to join forces; meeting in person twice annually to discuss and share ecosystem solutions and best policy practices. All of this despite the fact that the organisation takes no real legal structure, SCALE survives upon the premise of ‘DOING’!

A titbit of advice for entrepreneurs trying to navigate the European ecosystem:

“Stay open minded about the vast cultural differences between countries and regions in Europe. The European ecosystem is a complex but unique one, with hundreds of languages and local cultural traditions to consider when setting up a business. With difference comes variety and diversity. An appreciation for and understanding of how to navigate between these different structures will get your business far.”

Shipwrecked on an island, your physical needs are met, what are the only two items Kriya would take?
  1. “I would take to a deserted island; my dog (for unlimited love and company)”
  2. “A diary (so I could keep track of the days)!”

Community and organisation are indeed two key aspects of any thriving ecosystem. What would you take?

Ready to tap into Europe’s ecosystem? Contact Kriya directly at K.Mehta@amsterdam.nl

And of course, Happy International Women’s Day!

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