“Berlin is the number one startup hub in Europe, serving as a magnet for international talent. As a tech start-up in Berlin we naturally benefit from this incredible talent landscape. In addition to our talent attraction efforts, the Charité, an internationally acclaimed medical flagship institution in Berlin, provides us access to an unparalleled talent pool, which offers plenty of collaboration possibilities we can utilise for our product development. Collaborating with doctors from all over the world is an important part of our product development, with input from the next generation of key thought leaders.”

Madjid Salimi, Co-Founder of Amboss

“In Berlin you will find likeminded co-founders, a deep talent pool for IT and tech, a thriving scene for blockchain and other future technologies, an abundance of investors and supporters and a high quality of life at very affordable prices.

Christian Vollmann, Founder

“Berlin is melting pot of opportunities for companies willing to build a meaningful and scalable business, that is set in an open-minded and diverse environment and gathers international and mission-driven talent. Also it is fun.”

Lubomila Jordanova, Co-Founder & CEO of Plan A and Co-Founder of Greentech Alliance
Ecosystem Highlights
  • 3960 verified startups

  • 216 VC Investors

  • 70k+ startup employees worldwide

  • 35% of German fintech are based in Berlin

  • 4.1 bn € invested in startups in first half of 2021

  • more than 50% of the VC invested throughout Germany

  • 32,7: average number of startup employees

  • 12: average number of employees nationwide

  • 40k business registrations per year

  • +600 startup companies per year

Welcome to one of the world’s most vibrant startup cities and to one of the fastest growing markets in Central Europe: Berlin! With its vigorous cultural scene, a dynamic economic development, modern infrastructure and mature Tech ecosystem, Berlin is one of the top-tier startup hubs in the world today. The city is more popular than ever as a location for entrepreneurs, corporates, researchers and young talent from across Germany and all over the world. Use the Berlin ecosystem to get in touch with serial entrepreneurs, startup alumni, venture capital companies, innovators, accelerators and any kind of innovative stakeholders.

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Norbert Herrmann

Start-up Affairs, Economic Policy Unit Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin
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Land & Start
Access to capital

Public financial support, as well as private capital, are available in Berlin and easy to access. The Berlin Business Support Guide sums all public programs. Learn more.

Advice about Capital Major VC’s in the country
  • In Germany, you can count with the help of BVK – The German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association e.V. – which is “the voice and the face of the private equity sector” in the country. To a complete list of VC’s, follow this link.
  • Germany is also filled with business angels that can all be found right here.
Access to talent

Talents from Berlin, as well as talents from abroad, make this capital a unique melting pot to realize innovation. Find tips, info, and job offers for your reboot in Berlin on the ‘Talent Berlin’ website. For Selected job search websites, check the following links. Startuplist; Job is Job; Berlin Startup Jobs. You can also benefit from the Berlin Startup Scholarship, which helps you promote innovative, technology-related startups through coaching or training, among other perks.


For a list of universities in Berlin, check the following list from Dealroom.

Tech Ecosystem



Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring that Berlin presents a welcoming environment to anyone who comes to the city is one of main missions of the region’s public administration. Whether it’s to live or to work, you can be sure to feel heard, respected and protected. Berlin even has a diversity strategy to keep up a culture of inclusion. Check the document right here. Below are other links that reflect the city’s mission towards inclusivity and diversity. Regarding female entrepreneurship: Female Entrepreneurship in Berlin and India; Womenventures; Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Germany. Regarding Lesbian and Gay rights: LSVD – Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin-Brandenburg.

Berlin in the Media
Berlin’s hottest startups in 2021

From the fintech to the food and gaming industries, learn what are the Berlin startups everyone needs to know about this year. Read Wired’s article here.

Startup Landscape: the hardtech ecosystem in Berlin

Berlin’s hardware startup ecosystem is now more well-connected than ever. Check out how the city is fostering hardtech innovation with this list from the MotionLab.Berlin and Dealroom.


Berlin is the capital of diversity. The experience of discovering the city is virtually endless. More than teeming with history, Berlin offers a vibrant environment, filled with hip neighbourhoods, great fashion, luscious gastronomy and imposing culture – especially with open-air art galleries. Find out everything you need about what to do and about the city’s lifestyle here.

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As an entrepreneur, know that supporting your business is among Berlin’s main missions. Proof of this is in the Operational Programme of the Land of Berlin for the European Social Fund (ESF) in the funding period 2014–2020/23. As part of it, innovative startups are being supported in the framework of ‘founders workshops’ and similar formats. The funding relates to new skills requirements in connection with innovation processes of the economy and technological change (in particular related to the use of modern information and communication technologies or the advancing digitisation), as well as ecological objectives (e.g., climate protection, energy efficiency and use of renewable energies). The aim of the programme is to promote innovative, technology-related startups through coaching, training and scholarships, especially in the context of ICT, digitisation and internationalisation. Know everything about the event here.
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