Startup Commission and Regional Policies

Legislation changes supporting the startup ecosystem growth

Set of policies and fund allocations related to venture business, based on the work of a startup commission.

What was/in the challenge?

The government of the Lazio Region was seeking to implement policies to boost the growth of the local startup ecosystem, with a national scene of absolute beginners in the venture business arena and a much diluted and fragmented scenario. The legislative framework was found to be too dispersive, and many private and public institutions were proposing different forms of incentive. It was necessary to foster a local, straightforward adoption of international practices to reach a critical mass, in order to make it more accessible for international investors wanting to focus on Rome.

What is the project?

The project is intended to define how a venture business ecosystem works, who are the players, how they interact, and what are the expected outcomes, as well as to explain all of these aspects to politicians. A secondary goal is to list all the featured strategic elements of stakeholders from the territory and to connect support with startups and investments.

The Lazio Region established a technical board composed of many stakeholders of the startup ecosystem in Rome (universities, incubators/accelerators, investment funds and entrepreneurs), to study which local productive assets were potentially useful to a startup ecosystem and elaborate an action plan. The purpose was to explore the best conditions to increase the quantity and quality of investments in innovation.

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