Metter su bottega

Regeneration of the local suburbs

Metter su bottega is a call published in July 2018 by the Municipality of Milan, aimed at regeneration of the local suburbs by funding new entrepreneurs that want to establish their businesses in the outskirts of the city.

What was/is the challenge?

One of the main objectives for the mayor of Milan and the Local Administration is the promotion of social innovation. In a period characterized by unemployment and social unrest, it is important to find ways to create a commercial and artisanal fabric capable of activating and making the decentralized areas of the city more attractive, vibrant, and creative, so that entrepreneurial activities located there also generate social inclusion as well as economic value.
It is indeed fundamental for successful enterprises to help to establish new initiatives producing a social impact on the suburbs, with expected positive externalities on employment and self-employability. Moreover, it is important to help the social categories that face most challenges when creating or maintaining business, receiving investments, getting business plans supported: female entrepreneurs and artisans.
The Local Administration can do something to tackle this issue and that it is why the “Metter su bottega” call was published.

What is the project?

Metter su bottega – a new project, launched in July 2018 by the Municipality of Milan. This call for action directed to startups and SMEs that wanted to establish their businesses in the suburbs of the city: Adriano, Quarto Oggiaro, Gratosoglio, Lambrate, Lorenteggio, Vigentino, Bovisa and particularly Niguarda’s neighbourhood. The three priorities of the project included the development of the aforementioned city districts, female self-entrepreneurship, and new Artisan Enterprises.

The total amount allocated for the implementation of this call for action was € 1,400,000.00. However, the Administration also contributed resources to support the realization of business projects with a maximum value of € 100,000.00. Such economic resources derived from ministerial funds provided under the regulation 266/97, which supports the creation of new companies located in urban areas characterized by a particular level of socio-economic degradation.

1. Grants and subsidized loans.

2. Grants, subsidized loans and access to the indemnity fund.

After the call closed, the Technical Committee has evaluated the proposals and selected 29 business projects, related to different fields (general services, artisanal work, food and beverage, trade), collecting 1.400.000,00 EURO overall.