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Event Services for growth companies and entrepreneurs

The city of Helsinki produces 200+ events annually targeted for entrepreneurs. The amount of activities and initiatives in the city has required the municipal organization to develop and categorise the event calendar and event concepts more strategically and work in close collaboration with partners to create functioning event concepts.

What is/was the challenge?

When entrepreneurs are in early stages of their startup development, they face similar kinds of problems in creating a functional business. The most common challenges include validating the problem/solution fit, building the right team, establishing the company, creating a business plan and receiving funding.

There is a gap in the ecosystem when it comes to catering for entrepreneurs in the early stages. It is in the city’s interest to support new enterprises and growing companies in founding and scaling their business. As a public agent, the City of Helsinki’s purpose is to provide services that the private sector does not yet administrate. The challenge is in providing support that caters to companies in different stages and fields with limited resources.

What is the project?

In order to provide consistent, quality information, the City of Helsinki produces more than 200 events annually, explicitly targeted towards entrepreneurs and startups. Event production is an ongoing part of the city’s services that has expanded year by year. Events have been recognised as a well-functioning tool in providing companies with relevant information while also providing a platform for networking.

The number of events has required the City of Helsinki to develop and categorise the event calendar and event concepts more strategically.

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