Corporate Network

Actively engaging corporates with the startup and tech ecosystem of Amsterdam

The Corporate Network initiative aims to actively engage corporates with the startup and tech ecosystem of Amsterdam.

What was/is the challenge?

In 2015 the Amsterdam startup ecosystem was not as developed as it is now. Startups were looking for launching customers and incubators, accelerators, academies and other initiatives needed money to run their program and organize events. On the other hand, corproates were facing issues regarding the implementation of new technologies and innovation. We decided to start contacting corporate innovation departments to actively involve them in the startup ecosystem by making them a partner in our network, so that mutual benefits could arise.

What is the project?

Via The Corporate Network, the city of Amsterdam plays a role as neutral broker between corporates and the startup ecosystem. Overall, the initiative aims to actively engage corporates with the startup and tech ecosystem of the city by 1) fostering corporate-startup collaboration, 2) informing corporates about exciting initiatives to partner with or sponsor them, 3) by bringing our corporate partners (innovation managers & startup liaisons) in contact with their peers, to enable peer-2-peer learning regarding innovation and digital transformation.

The Corporate Network is a public-private partnership. The business model is not monetised. The municipal startup project team, StartupAmsterdam, took the lead in setting up the initiative, administering it and making valuable public/private connections. During the course of time, the initiative was handed over to the Amsterdam Economic Board. The project team organizes events for members of the Corporate Network twice a year; these events tackle different topics in line with developments and trends in the startup and tech ecosystem of Amsterdam. Through this project corporates do:
1) Meet startups&initiatives to partner with;
2) Share knowledge & best practices with their peers during roundtable events;
3) Learn about current developments in tech and innovation from experts.
The Corporate Network team also prepares monthly partner updates that feature; events, partnership opportunities and developments in the ecosystem. It also promotes new corporate profiles and a call to action for our partners that have not submitted that profile yet. Communication with the local startup community.

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