Amsterdam Startup Map

A complete overview of the Amsterdam startup scene

Creating the Amsterdam Startup Map was one of StartupAmsterdam’s first and most important objectives. The map has proven to be essential not only for us, as the “spider in the web” of Amsterdam’s startup scene, but also for all stakeholders involved: startups, scale-ups, investors, coworking spaces and accelerators.

What was/is the challenge?

In January 2015 Amsterdam launched StartupAmsterdam, with the aim to become a top-tier technology hub in Europe. As with most projects, everything starts with data. Data is the foundation for setting objectives, measuring results, prioritising initiatives and designing policy.

StartupAmsterdam, therefore, needed a comprehensive bottom-up assessment of the entire ecosystem and all its actors. was asked to create an ecosystem map and database.

What is the project?

The Amsterdam ecosystem map was launched in April 2015. was able to hit the ground running and give Amsterdam a head start, because it already had a detailed overview of the entire ecosystem, using its existing global startup and venture capital database.

Post-launch, continued to maintain the data on a daily basis. The number of mapped startups and scaleups grew from 250 during launch to over 1,200 startups and scaleups today. Over time, more than 70% of startups have been claimed by founders, thus creating a user-generated online community of entrepreneurs and investors.

Full Version of the article is accessible via our Portfolio – SCALE.CITIES Handbook