Amsterdam Capital Week

Where founders meet investors

Attracting Investors from all around the world to your Ecosystem by organising a week dedicated to creating as much interaction between startups and investors.

What was/is the challenge?

Despite quite a vibrant ecosystem, 4 years back, the funding climate in Amsterdam needed a boost, both in terms of more meetings between startups and investors as well as learning about new forms of startup financing. In addition, Amsterdam was not perceived as a place to go in order to get funding for startups.
Admittedly, it was already known in early 2015 that Amsterdam was underperforming when it came to absolute funding relative to startup hubs like London, Tel Aviv, or Silicon Valley.
Therefore, Amsterdam Capital Week was conceived as a positive contribution in reshaping an image of Amsterdam as the place where startups could easily find capital and grow their businesses.

What is the project?

The initial objectives for Amsterdam Capital Week were: 1. The Dutch have an abundance of seed capital. The number of angel investors was potentially growing. New ways of investing, like convertible notes, were becoming more popular and making it more attractive to invest in the early stage of startup. 2. Amsterdam is Europe’s crowdfunding capital. The Netherlands has the highest rate of crowdfunding platforms per capita. 3.With strong international connections, Amsterdam is the perfect gateway to international capital. Amsterdam Capital Week is a week during which startups from around the world trave to Amsterdam to meet and pitch for investors. The week features events during which angel investors, VCs, M&A, private equity, corporate and crowdfunding events open their doors to startups. Amsterdam Capital Week is about two-way connections: all participants, both startups and investrs, get to pitch meet and learn to inspire new investments and long-term partner-looking for pree-seed, early stage or series a or b funding. For investors, Amsterdam Capital Week offers matchmaking with awesome and fast-growing startups. The weeks gives you a perspective on the opportunities waiting to be seized, whether you are a big investment fund or a first-time angel investor.