Barcelona Discovery Programme

Discovery program for 10 selected companies thinking of doing business from Barcelona. This is your opportunity to meet important stakeholders: potential customers, corporates, VCs, incubators & accelerators, key organisations’ leaders, and city administration representatives.

You should apply if you want to engage with the Barcelona tech ecosystem, find partners in the market or assess a potential landing in the city.

This program is your access to:

  • A customised prospecting report that help you to understand if Barcelona is the right market for your expansion roadmap;
  • A personalised agenda with at least 3 meetings with your potential partners (big companies, corporates, investors, startups etc.);
  • A unique tech tour to understand the Barcelona ecosystem with its key players;
  • Tickets to attend at Smart City World Expo;
  • Workshops with key agents in the ecosystem about how close deals in Barcelona, how to grow from Barcelona and how to do soft landing;

All services included are 100% free!*
*Travel expenses to Barcelona, accommodation and meals are not included.


This program is open to any company who aims to do business in Barcelona: grow your business in Barcelona, expand to Spain market, scout for new technologies, learn about innovative trends, raise money, and get inspired by this unique ecosystem.

For more information, please visit:

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