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If governments want to make smarter decisions, creating and using a city data lab can be of a great value.

For a couple of years, Amsterdam has been working on the City Data data portal, which contains big data collections with basic records, all addresses, topographical data, cadastral data, and much more. In collaboration with partners, the city makes this (open) data available through their data portal.

Data also contains smaller collections, such as hits during World War Two (which comes in handy for construction sites), or the number of dwellings in certain districts or neighbourhoods. aims to strengthen the economy of the Amsterdam metropolitan area by unlocking available (public) data sources to citizens and businesses. By using this data, citizens, businesses, research institutions and other parties, are enabled to develop services that previously wouldn’t be possible or would be too expensive.

Amsterdam City Data continues to develop. The number of available data and functionalities of this data portal will continue to grow and adjust this to the needs of the city.

At the moment, the data portal is particularly suitable for professionals, such as researchers, employees and chain partners of the Municipality of Amsterdam, and of course, developers who use data in their own applications.

What can you use City Data for?

You can easily search for all this data and have it shown in a map, download it as a data set, or link it automatically to your own system via a so-called ‘web service’ or API. City Data does not only contain the City of Amsterdam’s data but that of other parties as well. Everyone can and may offer data sets.

Amsterdam City Data is openly accessible through the internet and data that is public can be freely used by anyone. Some of the data is available for authorised city employees only.

You can find instructions about the options and about how to use the portal online.

Send an e-mail to for more information.

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