Top tech startup cities join forces at StartupCity Summit 2019

Proud to announce that this year’s StartupCity Summit will host over 250 representatives from over 150 startup cities!

Silicon Valley may be the largest tech hub in the world, but other areas aren’t far behind. Major cities like Amsterdam and Barcelona have become thriving ecosystems for tech startups. But as we move into a new era of tech innovation, these cities are facing challenges like scaling, gender diversity, and talent retention.

That’s why we’re hosting the third annual StartupCity Summit at TNW Conference on May 10. With our co-hosts, StartupAmsterdam and Startup Genome, we’ve invited leaders of the world’s most active startup cities to join forces. Together, we’ll discuss how to overcome the tech challenges we face today.

Through roundtable discussions and keynotes, over 250 representatives from over 150 startup cities will develop new ideas and connect ecosystems. They’ll discuss how to promote female entrepreneurship and women in tech, explore new ways to help startups go global, create international partnerships, and much more.

If you’re a city representative looking to grow your tech ecosystem, it’s not too late to join! Apply now for the StartupCity Summit – together, we can shape the future. See you there?

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