Portugal FinLab – where regulation meets innovation

An innovative and challenging project is being launched today. Meet Portugal FinLab – where regulation meets innovation.

It is the result of a partnership between Portugal Fintech Association, Banco de Portugal, CMVM, and ASF. By joining forces with the Portuguese financial authorities, they are able to create a better environment for the development of fintech, insurtech and regtech businesses and follow the global growth trend of this sector.

The Portugal FinLab is a communication channel between entrepreneurs and the Portuguese financial authorities. Through this channel, the regulators give guidelines to the projects submitted to them. The purpose of the Portugal Finlab is to support the development of projects and companies that are genuinely innovative. This contribution is especially important in a global market with an accelerated pace of growth enriched by several emerging industries related to new technologies and innovative models.

Access the full article by Portugal Fintech here.

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