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What do you know about SCALE.CITIES partners? For example, Helsinki wants to be the most functional city in the world!

Last year, Mayor Jan Vapaavuori presented his proposal concerning the new Helsinki City Strategy 2017–2021. The City Council approved the City Strategy “The most functional city in the world” on 27 SEPT 2017.

The vision of the strategy is to make Helsinki the most functional city in the world. “The vision speaks to every city resident, to the trade and industry, as well as to everyone who visits our city. Day by day, Helsinki has to be a better city for all of us”, says Vapaavuori.

Due to the reform of Helsinki’s governance system, the strategy has now been prepared in an entirely new way, which is also reflected in the shape of the strategy. In comparison to the previous council strategies, the new strategy is considerably more concise, vision-based and focused on the cooperation between administrative branches. “A true change of the organisational culture requires that each City employee perceives and takes in the contents of the strategy”, says Vapaavuori.

“This strategy sets out ambitious and clear objectives for what we want to be. We have to work every day to be an increasingly international, service-oriented and attractive City”, emphasises Vapaavuori.

The City Strategy is divided into five key points:

1) The most functional city in the world
• A living and captivatingly original city
• A faster and more agile organisational culture through a controlled rhythm change

2) Securing sustainable growth the most essential task of the city
• We support every young person and prevent social exclusion
• An international, living and captivating Helsinki of events

3) Developing services
• Helsinki is the world’s most impactful place for learning
• A moving and healthy City for all
•´Living, distinctive and safe neighbourhoods
• Modern climate responsibility

4) Responsible management of finances the foundation of a prosperous city

5) Helsinki strengthens and diversifies its promotion of interests.

When it comes to development of services, our partners from NewCo Helsinki are doing their best to provide entrepreneurs with assistance ranging from refining business ideas to finding the right contacts.

To learn more information about the city of Helsinki and their business services, or city strategies check their
[ SCALE.CITIES city profile ].

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