Barcelona Discovery Programme

Barcelona offers a great opportunity for startups to discover the city and meet important stakeholders such as potential customers, corporates, VCs, incubators & accelerators, key organisations leaders and public administration.

Learn about this exclusive program to explore Barcelona from an insider perspective – visit top Barcelona corporates and startups, to network, meet local investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, pitch your projects, explore, and plug in to Barcelona hub of unlimited opportunities.

This program is open to any company who aims to do business in Barcelona: grow your business in Barcelona, expand to Spain market, scout for new technologies, learn about innovative trends, raise money, and get inspired by this unique ecosystem.

We help your company to enter in Barcelona ecosystem through five activities:

  • A customised prospecting report that help you to understand if Barcelona is the right market for your expansion roadmap.
  • A personalised agenda with at least 3 meetings with your potential partners (big companies, corporates, investors, startups).
  • A unique tech tour to understand the Barcelona ecosystem with its key players.
  • Tickets to attend at 4YFN trade show from 25th-27th February 2019 and MWC on the 28th February 2019.
  • Workshops with key agents in the ecosystem about how close deals in Barcelona, how to grow from Barcelona and how to do soft landing.

For more information, please visit: Landing Barcelona!

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