“The variety of work that you can find here is just massive. Cultural boundaries really expand to infinity.”

Cristina Carstea, Optiver

“Amsterdam has always been home to liberalism, enterprise, tolerance and diversity.”

Femke Halsema, Mayor of Amsterdam

“The sense of community is really incredible. The systems and the processes in place make living easy.”

Bronwyn Wainwright, Effectory
Ecosystem Highlights
  • 2932 startups

  • 215 scaleups

  • 1660 tech companies

  • 2718 startup jobs

  • 586 corporates

  • 960 investors

  • 37 universities

  • 12 homegrown unicorns

  • +50 coworking spaces

  • +30 accelerators and incubators

  • +20 startup & coding academies

  • +250 data science courses and 200 AI researchers

Throughout the entire city of Amsterdam, one is dazzled with the charm and uniqueness of restaurants, cafes, museums and every other attraction. The hidden treasures in the city’s different neighborhoods are many. Discover them on foot or with the thousands of bicycles spread on the street’s sidewalks and enjoy this major center of history, culture and richness.

From an entrepreneurship and tech point of view, Amsterdam is also a center point and a test bed; a launchpad and a talent pool. Today’s growing ecosystem of startups, incubators, investors, corporates and universities embodies the resilience and pioneering nature the city is known for. Amsterdam is where business meets purpose. Whether you’re an international business founder who’s interested in making the move to the Dutch capital or a local entrepreneur, a good overview of the startup ecosystem can only benefit your endeavors. Here’s how you connect to Amsterdam’s startup community. Our startup map is a topographical overview of all the important players in the Startup ecosystem of Amsterdam.

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Kriya Mehta

International Relations Lead
Land & Start
Access to capital
Advice about Capital Major VC’s in the country
  • Amsterdam is the home of fast-growing unicorns such as, Adyen, Catawiki, PICNIC, TomTom and Elastic. But the city is also packed with angels, accelerators, investors and venture capitalists. It is a place where it’s easy to find funding and profit to secure the growth of your startup. Discover how you can connect to capital opportunities in Amsterdam.
  • In Amsterdam, you can find about both individual and networks of Angels. All information you need to know about these private investors is condensed here.
Access to talent

Get tips on how to find skilled students, geeks, marketers and engineers for your startup team and discover where to hire. Everything here and here!


In what comes to education, Amsterdam counts with a long tradition of excellence. On this list, you can find a big number of universities and colleges, as well as many different courses in a wide range of areas.

Tech Ecosystem

Fresh Tech

Since 2019, more than 600 startups have joined Amsterdam’s tech scene. You can get to know them on the following Dealrooms list.



Hot startups & scaleups
New companies


Get to know the hottest markets in the ecosystem. They’re listed below.




Diversity and Inclusion

Amsterdam wants to bring down the gender gap. Thus, there are many initiatives and programmes that raise awareness for the Women in Tech (the RISE program also deserves a check, by showcasing and celebrating female careers). But there is much more when it comes to diversity in the city. In fact, Amsterdam is inclusive on every level, with its anti-discriminatory measures or the support of LGBTI rights, for instance. For startups and scale-ups, the mission is the same: to make the future of tech (even) more inclusive and diverse.

Amsterdam in the Media
Virtuagym helps fitness providers during the lockdown

Due to the lockdown, gyms and other fitness centers are ‘out of action’. But Amsterdam-based Virtuagym is helping gym and studio operators to generate revenue.

Protolabs acquires Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs

Protolabs, a global technology-enabled company, acquired Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs – an online manufacturing platform – for $280M.Know everything here

Amsterdam ranked as a top-10 scaleup city

The European ScaleUp Monitor 2020 report ranks Amsterdam as a top-10 scale-up city and offers tips to help companies achieve speedy growth.

Lepaya announces expansion to Sweden

One year after acquiring Smartenup, soft-skill scaleup Lepaya, from Amsterdam, announced that it’s entering Sweden. Check out why.


Amsterdam has it all: a long and rich cultural heritage and history, diversity, inclusion and a great quality of life. In this cultural capital, with world-class museums or theatres, you find a world of wonders, opportunities and a happy work/life balance. Read here why you will enjoy the city so much

City Map

Note it down: Amsterdam is “the place to be” for tech startups. Proof of this is Project: A. It’s the program that facilitates the biggest tech talents, while also – and more importantly – showing the collaborative nature of the ecosystem. But there’s more. Another great example of the city’s potential is in the Capital Week – five days dedicated to “creating as much interaction between startups and investors”. All in all, Amsterdam is the ground where businesses have all the seeds to grow and thrive. And, more than that, it’s the perfect place for you to enjoy life. Daniel Rigberg, from Dimebox, for instance, says it all – “Amsterdam is the place where you finish work and bike home 20 minutes to feel the fresh air. You have enough time to get to work and enough time to get home and still do the things that you value”.


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